A1 Lithium’s mission is to be a leader in Charging America’s Future as the United States and international communities progress toward the electrification of the global economy. A1 is at the forefront of the global energy transformation, supplying USA produced high purity lithium through a combination of eco-friendly processing methods and an environmentally responsible management philosophy.

A1 Lithium’s flagship projects, The Green River Lithium and Paradox Basin Projects are located in the Paradox Basin, Utah, USA. The Paradox Basin is potentially the largest brine resource in the country and consists of various formations which host large volumes of brines rich in Lithium and Bromine among other minerals. A1 Lithium is a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Anson Resources (ASX: ASN)

Why Lithium

As global communities transition toward zero carbon economies, lithium is the critical element in reaching this goal. Lithium is fundamental to the production of li-ion batteries used in utility-scale energy storage and powering zero emission electric vehicles. As governments across the globe set policies and regulations to limit carbon emissions, lithium demand is expected to soar. We are excited to be part of this advancement and look forward to providing these benefits to our stakeholders including shareholders, the state of Utah and residents of Green River and surrounding communities.

Why A1 Lithium

Traditional lithium extraction methods, hard-rock mining and evaporation pools, have been criticized for their carbon intensity, use of chemicals and vast amounts of water consumption. Our commercially proven technology is a closed loop system that efficiently extracts lithium from brine and has been called a silver bullet in addressing these environmental impacts. Our process draws liquid brine from deep underground wells to extract and purify lithium through our system, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint and requires dramatically less water. Moreover, the unique geology of the Paradox Basin limits environmental impacts as our brine is under significant natural pressure, therefore diesel fueled pumps are not required to bring the brine to surface or reinjecting the recycled water, making the Paradox and A1 one of the largest, cleanest and low-cost sources of lithium in the USA.


Paradox Project Highlights

  • Ideal location to support the electrification of the US economy
  • Low cost, high return. Opex is estimated in the bottom quartile. DFS estimates $1.3B NPV, 47% IRR with 2-year payback period
  • Adjacent to existing major infrastructure: highway, rail, power and gas
  • Private land and brownfield site expedite permitting process
  • Water rights secured, permitting 75% complete, with remaining applications filed
  • Eco-friendly and commercially proven DLE process
  • Natural well pressure means no pressure pumping – low CO2 footprint and lower cost
  • 500 kg SDP on site, expanding to 1 tpa
  • Led by seasoned, results focused management and technical teams

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