About A1 Lithium

Developing a world-class lithium project in the highly prospective Paradox Basin in Utah, USA, to provide high-quality lithium carbonate for the massive global EV battery market.

In the past, the demand for lithium hydroxide was primarily driven by the use of lubricants and greases. However, with the increasing global focus on electric vehicles and lightweight metals that promote renewable and eco-friendly practices, the industry has experienced a significant surge in demand over the past few years. Furthermore, as the trades industries continue to thrive with growing industrialization, the use of nickel cobalt aluminum oxide (NCA) batteries for power tools is expected to surpass the demand for lubricants, making NCA cathodes a major driver of the lithium hydroxide market. This growing demand has resulted in a strain on supply chains and a worldwide race for production.

Positive Disruption through innovation

Positive disruption through innovation refers to the transformative impact that innovative technologies and ideas can have on traditional industries. This disruption can create new opportunities, improve existing products and services, and drive economic growth. By challenging the status quo, disruptive innovation can lead to the development of more efficient, sustainable, and affordable solutions. Positive industry disruption through innovation can also help companies to stay competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape. However, it is important to note that successful innovation requires not only the development of new ideas but also the willingness to take risks, embrace failure, and continuously adapt to new challenges. Overall, the positive impact of industry disruption through innovation is significant and can drive change for businesses, consumers, and society as a whole.

Direct Lithium Extraction utilizes an innovative engineering concept and a highly selective absorbent that effectively removes impurities, such as magnesium and calcium, from the extraction process. The process is highly efficient and produces commercial-grade lithium, making it a low-cost solution that requires significantly less start-up capital compared to other methods. As a matter of fact, Direct Lithium Extraction has the potential to become the most cost-effective lithium producer, utilizing its proven and proprietary process to extract lithium from brines. The method is also environmentally friendly, with over 90% of the brine water used recycled back into the deep earth wells. By engaging in this practice, we can ensure that we uphold our environmental commitments.

Meet our Team

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Bruce Richardson, B.A (Hons) President

Proven track record of 13 years in exploration, mining and production in public and private companies. Over 30 years of international business experience. Raised over $170 million of investment for mining projects.


Peter (Greg) Knox, B.Sc. Geologist

Qualified geologist with over 30 years of experience in exploration, mine development and mining operations. Has worked on projects from grass­ roots exploration through to mine development and production.

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Sherri Mantanona Project Development

Previously, Sherri served as the Chief Operating Officer at an environmental consulting firm, where she oversaw the provision of services for projects that required compliance with federal and state mandates for protected species in the western United States. In addition to her professional work, Sherri has established two non-profit organizations with a focus on promoting STEM education, resources, and career development for underserved and disadvantaged groups. She currently serves as a member of the Nevada Governor’s Workforce Development Board and the American General Contractors Association Environmental steering committee, where she provides input and recommendations on federal policies relating to environmental regulations. Sherri is also the Chair of the Construction Career Outreach and Recruiting committee (CCOR) of the Nevada Contractors Association, where she assists in planning and organizing STEM and trades education events for students and families throughout Nevada.


Flemming B. Bjoernslev-Bromine Project

Flemming B. Bjoernslev is an accomplished business leader, who has  more than 30 years of international experience working for the chemical industry in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Flemming was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark before he moved to Germany in 1986, where he joined the German chemical and pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG. He has worked in several positions of increasing importance within various Bayer AG business units in Europe and Latin America. In 2005 Flemming joined the spin-off of the Bayer AG chemical activities forming the company Lanxess AG. After having set up operations for Lanxess in Central Eastern Europe, Flemming was in 2012 appointed President & CEO of Lanxess Corporation overlooking 15 sites with 1.700 employees & 2 Billion $ turnover in North America.

In 2015 Flemming decided to stay on in the US to become an independent advisor to the chemical industry in North America.  Today he is advising the chemical industry, investment banks as well as private equity on all international business topics and he is a subject matter expert on basic chemicals, intermediates as well as specialty chemicals. Furthermore he has gained insights into the major polymer industries as well as into end user industries. Flemming speaks four languages fluently and holds a bachelor degree from the University of Applied Sciences, Essen, Germany. He resides in Pittsburgh, PA.

Since November 2022 Flemming is supporting the A1 Lithium Paradox Basin Brine Project with a special focus on creating a business case for the bromine extraction part of the project.


Roshan Jachuck Ph.D.-Lithium Process Engineer

  • President & CEO, CoFloTechnologies Inc., a novel thin film evaporative technology for processing of brines, waste fluids and recovery.  ​
  • Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Clarkson University, NY.  Research advisor.​
  • Reader – Professor at Process Intensification & Innovation Centre at Newcastle University, UK.  Director – Advanced Technology & Management Group.​
  • Multiple publications and patents related to chemical and process engineering, waste management and energy intensification.
Gabe Pellathy

Gabe Pellathy-Government Relations

Gabe Pellathy is a Principal of Whitmer & Worrall. Mr. Pellathy leads energy client initiatives, successfully utilizing his extensive government, corporate and political skillset. Prior to joining Whitmer & Worrall, he served in senior management positions for three global fortune 500 corporations, including a power company, where he was frequently tasked with spearheading top political, legislative and policy priorities.

Mr. Pellathy has proven experience interacting at the highest levels of international, federal and state government. He has a broad policy background on issues related to international trade and tax, including extensive interactions with the EU, Japan, China, Canada and Australia, appropriations, business development, economic development incentives, export control policy, export financing, global supply chain, foreign direct investment, energy and environmental policy.


Michael Swenson Government Affairs

Michael has 17 years of professional federal, state, and local government affairs experience. His areas of practice have focused on natural resource management, federal land policy, mining etc. He is native to Utah and grew up close to Al Lithium’s production area.